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Noels tree service wood splitter

This Awesome wood splitter belongs to Noels tree service in Iowa City Iowa and was built by the Noel family over twenty years ago. It can split the biggest chunks of wood if you can get it to the machine and sometimes if you cant get the machine under the chunk of wood. This machine blows away all those "lay down" or "horizontal" machines were you have to get the chunk up to the ram and the wedge. any size piece will fit!

Putting a Honda out of its misery

I just took ownership of this 1996 Honda Accord, which was broken down due to an oil leak. After towing it in and adding oil, we started it and found out there were a few more issues. So, we decided to finish the car off. For super cranking power, we installed a brand new Interstate MT-58 battery. For your (and our) pleasure, the Death of a Honda.

Rebuild Mopar Test Fire

This is a 1968 Coronet RT, My friend Jared bought the car with his dad years ago and began the task of rebuilding the old. The car used to be raced at the PIKES PEAK mountain race track and when Jared go a hold of the car is was pretty used up needing all of the sheet metal refurbished in one way or another.

Eleanor in for repairs

Eleanor (Gone in 60 Seconds with Nicolas Cage) needed some body work done, and was brought in to Noel Automotive in West Branch Iowa. We treated her like a queen, and within little time, she was as good as new again.