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                    After running the engine and trying a few different things it was decided to tear the engine down and find the problem. The #1 Rod bearing was scored and the crank shaft looks like it was never turned to a proper size and there is some kind of damage on almost every journal. I have never seen a crank that can be lifted up and down while torqued down.

               This crank needs sized and new bearings and it should be ok.   After a Micrometer was used to measure the crank it was found the bearings are stamped STD for standard size and the crank is at least ten thousands under the standard size. After machining it will most likely be 20 thousands under on the Rods and Mains.

Keith Noel Keith Noel started Noel Automotive in 1997. Within two weeks of Roberts Standard Amoco going out of business and closing its location in West Branch, Keith was up and running in his new location behind Kum and Go and McDonald's. Keith has a wife, Kathy, a daughter and four step children. He owns a house and enjoys working on it, splitting wood and spending time with his family and occasionally working on his own cars. You can find him on .