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1969 GTX Low oil pressure engine tear down

                    After running the engine and trying a few different things it was decided to tear the engine down and find the problem. The #1 Rod bearing was scored and the crank shaft looks like it was never turned to a proper size and there is some kind of damage on almost every journal. I have never seen a crank that can be lifted up and down while torqued down.

1969 GTX 440 Engine Test Stand

This is a engine test stand built for the purpose of testing engines before the trouble of painting and detailing is made. This is a fresh rebuild from another shop in some state around here . We test fired it and its never had good oil pressure even after changing the oil pump twice  and replacing and test fitting the oil pick up tube. Looks like a tear down is in the future.

1970 Dodge Charger Owner Interview

This is the restoration project belonging to Dan Hyduke . It has been Dans life long dream to see his Dodge Charger back on the road as it once was when he purchased the car new. His wife used to drive it daily back and forth to work for 3 years dealing with all the little bugs that pleaged the car all time.