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Automotive Recycling

We Recycle everything automotive. We have an oil filter crusher which gets out all the oil and crushes the filter to an inch high so it can be melted down and reused. Our used oil is purchased back from the oil company where they use it or sell it for heating oil. The Antifreeze is also sold back to the manufactuer and recycled. The paint thinners and old paint are also recycled and reused by the Oil companies. Metal!


Your car has up to 5 different kinds of belts. Some can run simple components and some perform a major role in keeping the engine running, such as timing belts. These belts needs to be inspected and replaced periodically.

Brake Repair

Rear brake shoes are worn about half but starting to crack so they should be replaced. The only way to check drum brake systems is to remove the drum. Regular cleaning and adjusting is also required. This is another reason most vehicles have Disc brakes front and rear .

Collision Repair

We work on all years and makes. Repair plastic, aluminum, steel and fiberglass. Hail damage and Paintless Dent Removal From the smallest door ding or scratch, to the worst possible collision your car could suffer, we can handle it.This 2006 Chevy Impala was at the tail end of a chain reaction accident. Everyone is ok but the car took a good hit in the grille and hood. Easy Fix, thanks Randy for finding us!

Computer Diagnostics

We diagnose Check engine or Service Engine Soon lights with our up-to-date scan tool.We use an Internet Based information system that is supported by national input from dealerships and indepent shops, We can diagnois and fix just about anything with the right information and with the internet access with todays speed all the information on your car is availible at our fingertips. The system we use is called Identifix. Pretty  much means identify the problem then you can fix it and thats how we can get your car fixed with minimal diagnoistic labor charges.